Do I Need a Probate Lawyer or a Will Attorney?

Do I Need a Probate Lawyer or a Will Attorney?

Thousands look to a Saint George estate planner to help them make provisions for their families when they’re gone. Estate plans and wills are especially important concepts for any man or woman, regardless of whether they have children or a spouse. If you were to die intestate, that could present some issues for the family; of course, not everyone will want or require a will. So, do you need to choose a probate lawyer or is a will attorney the better choice? click here for more detail.

Understand What Each Attorney Handles

Will attorneys help you create a last will and testament. In this document, you will express your last wishes, whether you want to leave money to charity, to a family member, or all to your spouse. A Saint George estate planning attorney could also help. Probate lawyers deal with things after your death; however, some lawyers can deal with both creating a will and going through the probate process. So, does that mean you need both or just one?

It’ll depend on the attorney you’ve chosen. If you choose a will attorney but they don’t deal with probate, then you’ll also need a probate lawyer, when the time comes. It can, at first, seem very confusing; however, if you break it down, it’s easier to understand. If you only want to deal with estate planning, then a Saint George estate planner will be necessary. However, if you wanted a complete package, you could choose an attorney who deals with both wills and probate law. learn more about estate planning please at:

Do I Need a Probate Lawyer or a Will Attorney?

Hire a Probate Lawyer to Handle A Loved One’s Estate

When someone passes away in your family and there is a last will and testament, things will be relatively straightforward. However, you are likely to still need to go to probate court to finalize things. Usually, if there is no-one contesting the will, it’ll be a quick process where the wishes of the deceased are carried out. Probate lawyers are the ones to handle these matters and can deal with the legal side of things. You may still want to consult a Saint George estate planning attorney to create an estate plan.

Plan for Your Family

It’s a good idea to consult a Saint George estate planner. Even if you aren’t sure about creating an estate plan, you can still get stellar advice from the people in the know. The attorney could help talk you through the process and then, if you were happy to do so, create a plan that fits your requirements. Of course, you don’t always need to do this, but it’s still something to consider, nonetheless.

Get Help When You Need It

Death is never a subject anyone wants to talk about – for good reason – and it’s often a subject that causes trauma within a family. Unfortunately, it can also cause family members to fight amongst themselves. It’s not ideal and can ultimately tear a family apart. Instead, it’s maybe best to be prepared. Last will and testaments are important for a host of reasons and you may want to consider creating one for you. Find the best Saint George estate planning attorney and ensure things run smoother later.